Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama in Miami

(photo credit)

Barack and Michelle both appeared at a big rally in Miami last night. The only crowd estimate I could find was for 30,000 people.

(photo credit)

Very little mainstream press coverage but Sinfonian liveblogged it in several posts and he thought it was probably closer to 50,000. He has more photos as well.

Meanwhile, although AP came up with some bizarre poll this morning claiming the race was back to a virtual tie, most of the polling is showing a more significant spread. Fox News has it at 49-40 and MSNBC/WSJ have it at 52-42 for Obama. However, as we mentioned earlier, the touchscreen voting problems are popping up everywhere so every single vote is needed to offset the possible vote stealing.

Vote early if you can, and bring some friends to the polls with you.

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