Thursday, October 02, 2008

McCain is Mr. Un-collegiality

McCain likes to tout himself as the only guy inside the Beltway who reaches across the aisle, but this exchange on the Senate floor would belie that line of propaganda. With both candidates in DC to work the on the bailout vote, it was Obama who crossed over to reach out to his opponent and all he got was a cold shoulder.
As the senators gathered to vote on the $700 billion financial rescue package on Wednesday evening, Mr. Obama walked over to the Republican side of the chamber to extend a greeting to Senator John McCain.

He got a chilly response.

While it took Mr. Obama several seconds to make his way over to see his rival, Mr. McCain barely pivoted his body as he took Mr. Obama’s hand for a handshake that lasted just a moment. The eye contact was just as brief.
This is the kind of sneering condescension that Americans can expect would permeate any foreign relations dealings under a McCain administration. Much like our current president's style, only with much more added arrogance. Certainly not the change we need.

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