Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The wingnutification of the Associated Press

By Libby

This is why we started blogging. The AP is the biggest wire service in the world and as the media downsize their in house reporting staff, they increasingly rely on the AP for coverage. It's difficult to find any outlet that doesn't simply reprint whatever the AP spews out as 'fact'. Josh Marshall took a look at the results of their shakeup in leadership in the DC office.
Earlier today we noted the possible role of AP Washington Bureau Chief Ron Fournier is turning the AP's campaign coverage into complete crap. Now from the just released Tillman Report, it seems Fournier was also one of the reporters exchanging emails the day of Tillman's death with Karl Rove of all people -- and according to the report at least, offering advice on how to handle the story. "Keep up the fight," Fournier tells Rove.

Yet the media insists they're not just stenos for the White House? Get the supporting links at the post and be sure to read the earlier one.

Meanwhile, Steve Benen expands on the theme today and assembles one of his invaluable restropectives of the AP's "new journalism." Small wonder the majority of the electorate is so woefully uniformed.


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