Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Talking with billionaires

By Libby

I sat in on a conference call yesterday with former US Comptroller General Dave Walker. I don't think he's really a billionaire, but he recently quit the White House and is now the CEO of a new billion dollar think tank, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, dedicated to spreading the word about our impending fiscal breakdown.

I have the details at Newshoggers so I won't repeat it here. Oddly, I enjoyed it more than I expected. I generally avoid such things like the plague and I wasn't even planning to talk so as not to prolong the ordeal. I ended up pretty much taking over the call and challenging Mr. Walker at length.

I actually liked him. He was much responsive than I expected. As for the project, well it looks good in the broad outline but I'm reserving judgment until they get much specific about the solutions side of the deal. Hard to get a read on them. If you look at the trailer for the movie they're pitching, IOUSA, it sure looks non-partisan, but I have a feeling their underlying agenda is to privatize the social safety net.

It's an impressive effort in any event and with the heavy hitters on board, they may end up becoming influential. I think they're worth keeping an eye on.

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