Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anything to win

By Libby

I already talked about McCain's lame new ad yesterday but Steve Benen does such a great job of debunking the disgracefulness of it that I'm recommending you read that too.

Steve also has the goods on a new viral email that is spreading through Wingnuttia like wildfire. It's already been disproved and denounced by military brass and the author has recanted the whole story but I hear some of the wingers who blogged it are refusing to admit it's a fake.

These would be the same bloggers that hounded poor Private Scott Beauchamp for months for allegedly making up a war story they didn't like. I'm hoping John Cole will report on that because I'm not going to read those people. My quality of life, and my blood pressure, has improved immensely since I put them on my DNR list.

Meanwhile, I have more on McCain's pathetic pandering here at Newshoggers. He's had quite a day on the teevee. He denies he ever used the word timetable, claims we were really greeted as liberators in Iraq and announced that he, and only he, knows how to get bin Laden but apparently he's not willing to share that plan unless he's elected.


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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Sure - he as a "secret plan" to get bin Laden. I'll bet it's the same as Nixon's secret plan - the one that got him re-elected. It consisted of "secretly" continuing to do the same thing until we got different results.

8:30:00 AM  

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