Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama hires former Clinton honcho

By Libby

Obama released a list of new hires for the national campaign and the one everyone will be talking about for a while is surely, former Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. Doyle, you'll remember was ousted in the big staff purge after the Super Tuesday debacle. I seen some snarking about her competency, but I thought at the time she was scapegoated for Mark Penn's sins and is probably quite capable.

Oddly she was hired as chief of staff for the as yet unnamed VP candidate, which of course has triggered furious speculation about motives and what this all means in terms of whether Hillary will be the VP pick. I tend to think it means she won't. Why would Obama hire a person Hillary fired if she was going to be the one? I would think that might be awkward.

The other notable hire was former Kerry handler, Stephanie Cutter as chief of staff to Michelle Obama. Considering the rapidly building smear machine against Mrs. Obama, I expect Cutter's work will be cut out for her. I hope Cutter does better in countering the smears than she did for Kerry. I suppose she would have learned something from that.

For hopeless poli-junkies, Big Media Matt has the complete list. There's only three women on it, but considering he's also bringing in such players as Elizabeth Edwards to consult on health insurance, I'd say there's little room to complain that he's not being inclusive to women. I expect they will be well represented among the hierarchy and it's going to be a big organization with plenty of room for all constituencies.

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