Friday, March 14, 2008

Bootleg Bush video

By Libby

I don't remember if I posted about the Gridiron dinner here, but I did put up a linky post at Newshoggers and speculated about whether Bush's karoke moment would be bootlegged out to the public. I was sure somebody would have caught it on a cellphone so it could at least be privately shared, even though Gridiron rules expressly forbid cameras.

Well, Goddess bless my compatriot Cernig, who found the bootleg YouTube.

I think we can be reasonably sure that Bush will not be embarking on a singing career in his retirement, although I suppose a stint on American Idol is still possible. I've never seen that show myself, but I understand that some contestants have fared well there by being so bad, they're funny.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With this disgusting display and his "romantic war" comments, how could anyone support ANY idea coming out of this f***ing imbeciles mouth. He ought to be put out of his misery, to get us out of ours.

10:44:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I still think it's not too late to impeach him. In fact, I think we should start immediately so he's too busy with that to bomb Iran.

9:06:00 AM  

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