Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trouble in Pottersville

By Libby

One of my favorite bloggers, jurassicpork, is in trouble. He just posted what could possibly be the Last Dispatch From Pottersville. So far the site is still up so maybe it's an empty threat but just in case, I'm reproducing the entire post here.
No, I'm not walking away for good, either for a novel or otherwise. This could be Pottersville's final dispatch because my former bank, Citizen's, has not only shut down my checking account but the branch manager with whom I spoke just told me that they've already shut down my blog.

It seems the reports of Pottersville's demise are not exaggerated but premature.

I haven't the time to get into the particulars as to why my account had been capriciously shut down by Executive Services (Which is at the corporate level in Rhode Island) but suffice it to say that we are finally in the throes of a fascist corporate dictatorship when a bank steals from you without warning, treats you like garbage through its ill-trained tellers and desk help people, then terminates your account then goes after your ISP and pressures them to shut down your blog when you stand up for your rights.

Jared Chandler, it ought to be noted, is still employed at Citizen's even though he's the one who'd started this brouhaha with his psycho behavior.

So, bottom line: Citizen's would rather fire their "valued customers" than their clearly disturbed tellers when said customer stands up for their rights. Furthermore, if you rail against such shoddy treatment by telling just the facts, they'll even go after your main form of communication.

So copy and paste this while you can, put it on your blogs and help this go viral (unlike the last time, which Citizen's obviously had taken much more seriously than you people). If Pottersville disappears, you'll all know why. It wasn't me. They shut me down because they were afraid of what I'd say, because this is a corporate fascist dictatorship's version of Public Relations and Conflict Resolution: Impinging on our right to free speech after capriciously throwing your finances in complete turmoil.

Happy birthday, JP.
Yes. It's also it's birthday and he's been thinking about quitting the blog for quite a while now. This would be a great loss to Blogtopia, so click over and leave him a birthday message and see if we can't cheer him up a little and change his mind.

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