Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Excess hoggage - Information overload edition

I haven't done one of these posts since the beginning of the year and even though I'm skipping some of the posts that aren't particularly relevant over time, it's a long list but bear with me on this. For one thing, I like to keep the links archived here because the blog moves so fast at Newshoggers and for another, I'm working this week so I won't be posting a lot during the day and if you're pining away for my insights -- well -- it's something to read while you're waiting for new stuff. So without further ado, in more or less chronological order from January 1st, here goes:

Still standing after all these years. I've actually forgotten what this one was about. Let me know if it was any good.

Our new surveillance society.

A very depressing prediction for 2008.

More predictions.

Counting on the vote count. Verified voting issues are already a problem in the primaries.

Don't get mad -- just impeach.

The loneliness of the political reporter. I knew this is why journalism stinks today.

Bush on Bush. Really, it's frightening the way he sees himself.

A little optimism never hurts.

Never too early or too late for that matter, to think about voting fraud.

No, it's not really a free country when we have suppresion of dissent that would make any third world dictator happy.

SWAT outrage of the week. This wasn't even about drugs, it was about refusing medical treatment.

Marijuana is good medicine

Loose change.

We are so NOT safer now. If anything happens outside of Iraq, we're screwed.

Learning from history. A throwaway post with surprising comments. Part two, a different response.

Is this freedom?

Our moronic media.

Weird anomalies in the NH recount.

Iraq is shaping up to be the next narco-state.

FISA fight still on. It's heating up folks and I have a fresh post near the top at Newshoggers right now on this one.

Our malevolent media. Really, they're no better than a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

However, we have at least one honest jouranlist. Wish he would start a trend.

And finally, nobody really won in Nevada's Democratic caucus.

So that catches us up. I hope to be back this evening, if not sooner with some fresh news,

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