Thursday, January 03, 2008

And so it begins....

By Libby

Well I had a ridiculous time of it yesterday. I'm back to work after a long break and it was quite an adjustment. I started off the day by drafting a few posts but I got distracted before I published and then managed to delete the whole lot before I posted, thinking I had already done it. I never recovered my momentum after that.

But it's a new day and I have to admit I'm more excited than usual about the Iowa caucus, I suppose because I have a bottle of booze riding on it. My predictions are generally uneven at best but I'm feeling pretty good about my picks.

Meanwhile, I don't think I got this email, although I would have probably deleted it if I did, but it appears there's going to be a major swiftboating of one of the major candidates on the eve of the NH primary. I have the links and my thoughts at the Detroit News. As I said there, if our media had any integrity, they would ignore this creep, however, our media being what they are, I expect this to make a big splash - especially if the target is one of the candidates the media elite just don't like.


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for what it's worth Benazir bhutto was a principled opponent of abortion.

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