Saturday, November 03, 2007

Making the most of Mukasey

By Libby

Nixon White House alumnus John Dean has some thoughts on how to get the most out of confirming Mukasey, which seems to be inevitable despite the lame protestations of the usual suspects. We've been here too many times before to believe otherwise. There will be the bold challenges to his refusal to take a stance on waterboarding and eventually the Senate will declare something or other satisfied their concerns and the nomination will be confirmed with a token protest vote on the Democratic side.

Dean reminds us the nation has been here before during the Nixon years and makes a good case for confirming only if he promises to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the administration's war crimes. Not that it's likely to result in any convictions but I'm thinking it might at least distract the White House enough to prevent them from bombing Iran. That would be something.

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