Friday, October 05, 2007

White House pushes tortured logic

By Libby

Bush says he doesn't torture and he's got the legal rulings Fredo strongarmed out of Justice to prove it. They say The Decider can decide when waterboarding is torture, or when it's simply an alternative interrogation tactic. So, technically, he's just not guilty.

He also says Congress signed off on it but Rockefeller calls bullshit on that.

“The administration can’t have it both ways,” the senator said today. “I’m tired of these games. They can’t say that Congress has been fully briefed while refusing to turn over key documents used to justify the legality of the program. The reality is, the administration refused to disclose the program to the full Committee for five years, and they have refused to turn over key legal documents since day one.”

The White House argument seems to be that they're not guilty of condoning torture, but they can't show you the legal opinions that prove it because they spell out the torture they're not guilty of perpetrating. State secrets you know. They cover a lot of ass.

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