Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick bytes - Beltway edition

By Libby

A few links I'm not going to get around to blogging but are worth a read.

Hillary has been waffling around about Iraq, but she made a pledge a couple of days ago to end the war immediately upon taking office. I'd love to believe her since she seems to be the heiress apparent so far.

The would be heir who won't be, Al Gore, doesn't only talk about climate change. Avedon has links to his statements on Iraq, domestic spying and national health care. He says he's not in, but it still feels like he's keeping one toe in the water to me.

This is good news for internet addicts. Permanent would have been better but our almost useless Congresscritters did manage to pass a 4 year ban on internet access taxing.

And our newest candidate for 08, Stephen Colbert, interviews Dennis Kucinich about all the things he keeps in his pockets. It's almost too cute but it's still quite funny. Worth a click.

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