Saturday, October 20, 2007

Media bytes - Bright lights, big city edition

By Libby

Mark Fiore has a new drug for the Democratic Party.

As you can see in the graphic, Jay Rockefeller can afford to buy some, that is unless his telco bribes don't cover medical expenses.

I hope this current events quiz is still alive. It's a couple days old but it was a pretty good one and I got 100%. I usually miss the pop culture question but it was historical so I got it.

Speaking of current events, I'm not sure Rudy is going to take the prize but neither am I sure he won't, so this is a good indicator of what to expect out of his foreign policy if he gets the nod. TPMtv: Meet the Four Horsemen of Rudy's Apocalypse. As an added bonus you get to see what Josh Marshall looks like. He's really quite handsome.

Not so good looking however, is the latest underreported development in Iraq. In a message delivered directly to Dick Cheney, an Iraqi official gave a ‘big fat no’ to permanent bases in Iraq. Video at the link, but here's what he said.
The people of Iraq, the parliament, the council of representatives and the government of Iraq, they all say no, big fat no, N-O for the bases in Iraq. No military bases for Iraq because we believe that is in direct encroachment to our soveriegnty, and we don’t need it.

And finally, for those dear readers with ties to the Motor City, I stumbled across this link via this guy. You might like it. You know you're an old Detroiter if....

I of course am not an old Detroiter, but I liked the list. It was interesting to see the commonality between the big city and where I grew up. Some of it is specific to Detroit, but everybody had Good Humor trucks and milkmen and I remember Robert Hall. My favorite is the giant tire though. I didn't have that so I may have to go to Detroit someday, just to see it.

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