Sunday, October 07, 2007

Excess Hoggage - Outrage overload edition

By Libby

I haven't done this in days and the posts are racking up at the Newshoggers.

I did my quick bytes over there today so get your Sunday reading here.

European "socialism" is not what they tell you it is. We should have it so 'bad' as Europe. Don't miss the really smart comments.

Ex White House operatives search for their souls and guess what Karl is up to.

My dear friend says he's not as bad as I think but you can't convince me. On air, O'Reilly is a creep.

This ain't your grandfather's America. Former Nazi interrogators from the "good war" tell us how it's supposed to done.

A gorgeous photo essay on Iran.

The consequences of a Hillary win.

My fight with a Dittohead in comments here.

Blackwater porn.

SF Mayor declares WOsD is a failure. Unfortunately he still doesn't find the balls to call for legalization but it's a start.

Our nation's shame. Torture incorporated.

I may have missed a couple of posts but I expect this is more than enough.

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