Saturday, October 20, 2007

Excess bloggage - Miss Manners edition

By Libby

I'm dealing with this perpetual funk in the usual manner -- I'm blogging through it. So while I pull myself together to post something new here, you might want to amuse yourselves at my other blogs.

I finally got around to addressing the Limbaugh letter. I really don't understand why the fringers are choosing to make red meat of this one. It's beginning to stink like spoiled beef.

This panty protest may strike some as a bit ill-mannered but I love it. It brought back fond memories of a previous panty rebellion I was involved in years ago.

While I defend Reid against the fringe mob on the Rush thing, his underhanded tactics on the FISA bill deserve a great deal of criticism, which I provide in full measure. What he's doing to Dodd is inexcusable.

Meanwhile, over at the Detroit News, which has been redesigned so check out the new format, I have a lesson for the Dems in Dodd's courageous stand. Good behavior has been amply rewarded. Dodd has seen his donations and newsletter subscriptions explode in the 24 hours after he announced the hold. And by the way, outside of the fringers, Stark's critcisms of the GOP on SCHIP are playing very well. Public support for him in the 90 percentile of respondents to polling.

This post on how Dodd stands up for rule of law is mostly a rewrite of previous postings but I'd be interested in your opinions on this one. My readership in Detroit is mixed and comprised of many readers who don't agree with me and/or are not as politically informed as you are. I'd like to know if you think I succeeded in conveying the importance of the issue in a simple and understandable manner.

As for this post on Rush threatening a journalist, I thought it deliciously clever and I believe, as they say, it left a mark, since it rendered the dittoheads speechless.

And finally, I don't link to every post I do at Detroit, but if you ever want to catch up with my work there, you can always check the index. I really have to get a better photo taken. I took that one myself and it always make me cringe.


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