Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quote of the Day

By Libby

Dan Balz at the WaPo does a standard horse race piece on where the campaigns are in terms of momentum and whatnot, but this I thought was the money quote.
Dan Gerstein, a centrist Democrat and strategist, said: "The reality is both parties are brain-dead -- they have no new big ideas to deal with the challenges we face today. Which is why I continue to believe that there is an opening for an independent, reform-oriented campaign to run against politics as usual and on a solutions-driven message."

I've been saying that since about January of 05. The trouble is no one is emerging to take on that role. I had hopes for a while that Unity08 would fill it but so far they've been rather a disappointment. All I see there is a lot of process and not much substance. They're at least at year old now and they still don't have candidates or a platform, or any long range agenda outside of grabbing 1600 Penn Ave for a bi-partisan ticket. I don't really see how that solves anything.

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