Saturday, September 22, 2007

Excess Hoggage

By Libby

You know someday I'm going to give up this gig and get myself a real life again but until then, I'm always blogging somewhere. My latest at the Newshoggers:

Dear Dems - resolve this. Some unsolicited advice for the party. I think Soto gets this one right.

My old pals John Gilmore and Ann Harrison are making news with their latest salvo against the police state. They've discovered the DHS is datamining you in many more ways than you might expect.

There was a good piece on Iraq by a Canadian magazine that got the wingers all aflutter over the photoshopped cover pix. Get the link to the article, at judging a book by its cover.

I've been really ragging on the Dems for the last couple of days. I want them to close the book on cloture and I swear if Reid doesn't block this ruinous resolution on Iran, I am done with the Democrats. I'm resurrecting the Libbytarian party and that's that.

Meanwhile, Bush latest faux pas is a doozy. If words could kill, Nelson Mandela would be dead.

And finally, if macro economics interest you at all, I thought it was interesting that Baghdad's housing bubble is bursting but in a different direction than our own.

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