Thursday, July 19, 2007

Billing proves Thompson lied

By Libby

The NYT has the goods on Fred Thompson and the alleged non-lobbying he did for a pro-choice group. He billed for 19 hours of consults, including over 3 hours of actual lobbying on The Hill.

It doesn't say who he lobbied, but as I pointed out at Newshoggers just now, the existence of the billing lends creedence to the client's recollections that he said he pitched Sununu, the denials from both he and Fred notwithstanding.

Seems to me, that Fred and his supporters want it both ways. They want to say it's impossible for Fred to remember exactly what he did 15 years ago, but he can accurately recall what he didn't do. I'm inclined to go with the client's memories. After all, they only have one case to remember. The one they paid for.

Not that this troubles Capt. Ed and the rest of the usual apologists. They've apparently never met a Republican lawyer liar they didn't like and aren't willing to cover for. One wonders what they would be saying if it was Hillary or Obama instead of Fred starring in this tale of deceit. Somehow I think they would be more concerned about the candidate's honesty.

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