Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There He Goes Again

The Decider-In-Chief once again decided to de-classify an intel report for political reasons. In trying to rally support for the war Bush has selectively declassified intel that puts his policies in a positive light.

I wonder how long it took for a team to find something that makes him look good.

It surrounds a plan that OBL put together with Abu Musab al- Zarqawi to establish targets for attack preferably in the U.S.

Bush released this info to illustrate what a great job he's doing. Frances Townsend the Homeland Security Adviser made this statement with a glaring mistake.
She said the information was declassified because the intelligence community has tracked all leads from the information, and that the players were either dead or in U.S. custody.
All of the players are in custody or dead. You mean Bush finally has brought Osama to justice or took justice to him? I don't think so. They sure wouldn't keep that a secret.

What Bush is trying to show is that if we leave Iraq the vacuum will be filled by al Qaeda. Maybe, maybe not, but if Bush hadn't totally failed in his post-war plan then we wouldn't be talking about this.

Any blame for the strengthening of the terrorist position in Iraq can be given to Bush.

He's the decider.

Jim Martin

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