Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hillary muddies her own message

In my post about the new self-appointed elite of Leftopia, I made one glaring omission. One of the most egalitarian and inclusive bloggers in all of Blogtopia, who deserves your support and links is Kevin Hayden of American Street. I've heard rumors he's shutting down that site and I hope it's not true, but in any event it's still running now and he has the quote of the day on Hillary's arrogant stance that made some buzz today.

Good ole Hill, apparently thinks Bush's "the decider never apologizes" position sounds pretty good if you think you've got a chance at taking up residence in the White House and refuses to back down on her initial support of the Iraq invasion.

Kevin sums up my feelings on the matter.
That just seems like more DLC-think. Stale, warmed-over, Repubican Lite approaches don’t strike me as leadership.

Fortunately, there’s several candidates in the field I could easily vote for. But as I’ve stated for several years, if Hillary emerges as the nominee, I can always find a third party candidate worthy of my support.
Amen to that. Hillary immediately follows up with a call for a troop pullout within 90 days in Iraq that rings rather hollow considering her unwillingness to admit her mistake in supporting the invasion in the first place. It smacks of the political trickery of conflicting messages we're bombarded with daily from the White House rather than any kind of principled position to me.
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