Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hillary is not the answer

The question is who will save the Democratic party? I was beginning to think I'm the only leftie who doesn't think Hillary is the solution to the Dems problems at the polls. Mahablog wisely articulates my vague concerns with more specificity.
We need a "different kind of Democrat," all right. What we don't need are more posturing, calculating, packaged-to-appeal-to-swing-voter Dems like Hillary. We've got way too many of those now. That's why most of the public thinks Democrats have "no core set of convictions or point of view."
Oddly the commenters seem to be largely pissed off by Maha's analysis. I guess cognitive dissonance can affect the left as well as the right.

[via The Moderate Voice]
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Blogger HangLeft said...

I tend to agree with this analysis; Dems who come across as responding to polls will end up losing. I also think Hillary has other problems, especially here in the South (as a Southerner, I know my region's politics well). Republican and Democratic women are judged by different standards in the South; it all stems from the "obedient wife" thing. Women like Elizabeth Dole can win in the South; they're independent, yet overtly mindful of a woman's "traditional place." Democratic women, on the other hand, are almost invariably seen as "uppity feminists" (Ann Richards being the exception that proves the rule). It isn't fair or an accurate portrayal of their characters, but that's the way it currently works in the South. The real task, in my opinion, is reforming that misperception of uppitiness in the South and the big rectangular states in the middle. As long as fundamentalist religion remains entangled with politics, that will be grotesquely difficult to do. The Republicans know this and have played that cultural bias like a harp.

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