Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Charles Ramsey: Cleveland's real life hero

It's like an TV crime show episode playing out in real life but I'm not going to recap the escape of the three abducted women after 10 years in Cleveland. This will be a big story for days and the details will be well covered. But huzzah for Charles Ramsey who chose to intervene in what he assumed was an ordinary domestic dispute. These days most people would have ignored the cries of Amanda Berry, not wanting to get involved. So I do want to preserve his epic interview for the archives.

And a transcript of his 911 call is here.

If he hadn't acted, those women could still be prisioners or worse, have been killed for trying to escape. Ramsey was especially brave to get involved because he's a black man rescuing a white woman. Just being on a street while black and poor is a risk in a big city. One of the most telling moments in the video was when the police siren bleeped twice and you could see his flight instinct kick in for a few seconds. But he heeded the plea for help and took the chance. He saved their lives.

We need more Charles Ramseys in the world today.

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