Monday, May 06, 2013

Call it treason dammit

There's no other definition for what's going on among the crackpot con crowd. The same people who held mass burnings of Dixie Chick albums because they had the audacity to say out loud they were embarrassed by George W Bush (former wingnut hero, now disowned) and demanded we not criticize the Commander in Chief because, respect for the office, are now openly calling for armed rebellion against the US government. There's an huge industry making millions, if not billions, on anti-Obama paraphenalia and that's okay because, that blackity black guy in their White House is not the POTUS they voted for.

Ed Kilgore sums out the treasonous haterage of the right:
It’s ironic that people who almost certainly think of themselves as patriots—perhaps as super-patriots—are deliberately courting the impression that loyalty to their country is strictly contingent on the maintenance of laws and policies they favor, to be achieved if not by ballots then by bullets. Republican politicians should be repudiating such people instead of celebrating them, accepting their money and support, and even adopting their seditious rhetoric.
Hell, Republican politicians spoon fed them this seditious rhetoric. Millions of beer-bellied chickenhawks gobbled it up like free pizza at the local dive bar and regurgitated it into lame brained bumper stickers, tshirts and viral emails. The masses of eagerly deluded now jam into events like the NRA convention, where lifelike runbber target dummies in the likeness of the President of the United States is a hot seller. The perfect gift for your Republican dad. And if your buddy isn't that political, well there's the bleeding ex-wife dummy you can shoot to death to satisfy the urge to murder. But this is all perfectly acceptable because there was that one time some random librul drew a Hitler moustache on a picture of George Bush and carried it around at an anti-war rally.

When schoolteachers were being arrested for wearing anti-war tshirts within 25 miles of their guy, Mr. Mission Accomplished, this proud angry mob was all about love your country or leave it. But dare to suggest that billionaires who gamed the system to bleed our national treasury dry should pay a few thousand more in taxes and you gotta "water the tree of liberty with blood" because, tyranny. We thought their heads were going to explode when they lost the elections. Instead it appears, their brains melted into toxic jelly.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Yeah, the word hypocrisy just doesn't cover it. I hate using words like evil, but it's tempting. But they're the 'intellectual' heirs of the Confederacy and only lack the guts to fire on some government facility once again.

I do believe that 44% figure that is supposed to represent the proportion of Goppers who await armed rebellion and something perverse in me wishes they'd try it, but we don't need any more paranoia lest that government take away even more of our privacy and our freedom to protect us from "terror"

Costa Rica man, Costa Rica. . .

9:45:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm thinking Belize, but Costa Rica is also a great option.

11:08:00 AM  

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