Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bye bye Bachmann

By now you've heard Michelle Bachmann is calling it quits. That night she announced we won't have her to kick around in 2014. I have mixed feelings about it. Happy to have her crazy-eyed crackpottery out of our government but it is going to make it harder for the Democrats to win her district if the Republicans come up with any candidate even slightly less crazy who can string two sentences together coherently.

There's boatloads of commentary on Bachmann's departure. My favorite is Amanda Marcotte's delightful fisking of Michelle's goodbye speech. There's much speculation about her motives, but I agree with Steve M. I'm willing to bet the GOP leadership forced her out. Imagine she got word from on high that the party wasn't going to support her in the race, nor defend her against the investigations into her campaign chicanery.

Meanwhile, the bloggers whose stock is trade is wingnut snarkery, weep in sorrow to lose such an reliable source of material. [photo via Esquire]

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