Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Politico throws pity party for Boehner

No need to read the Politico piece, it only states the obvious. Everybody knows the crackpot cons have taken control of the House and Boehner is powerless to stop them. Charlie's takedown of Tiger Beat on the Potomac gets to heart of the dysfunction.
This remains the only story worth covering about how our government is operating — or, more accurately, failing to operate — in Washington, and it remains a story that TBOTP, among others, have failed dismally to cover. It is not an unfair summation of that passage to conclude that "most young conservatives" who have been elected to serve in one of the three branches of government believe their job once elected is not...to...govern.

I don't believe there ever has been a time like this in our history. We have had periods of severe political polarization before, but those were periods in which the government was polarized because of conflicting ideas of what the national government should do. Right now, we have a polarization based on the fact that an uncontrollable faction of one of our two political parties — a faction with its own sources of money and power that exist outside conventional political accountability — has decided that the only thing that the national government should do is nothing, a faction that is perfectly situated to make that at least part of a political reality, and a faction that is growing even faster out in the states than it is in Washington.
The situation in the states is a bit different and even more dangerous. The crackpot cons have taken over entire state governments and they're not so much not governing, as they are dismantling every social assistance program, privatizing every public common and passing out the "savings" in cash to their favored cronies. And on the side, they're also legislating their religious beliefs into local law. To paraphrase the old Pogo bit: we looked for the tyrants, and found they were the power mad GOP.

Meanwhile, our serious news orgs are posting such important stories as, Senate GOP feels jilted after being wined and dined by Obama, After 2008, who would Hillary Clinton hire?, and I've seen at least a half dozen stories about how Obama failed to win a teddy bear at an arcade on the Jersey Shore.

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