Friday, April 12, 2013

Religious right rebels against GOP rebrand

It may be true there's a fool born every minute, but the big time grifters of the religous right are smartening up. They're telling their flocks, time to stop being useful fools.
The president [Tony Perkins] of the Family Research Council, a top religious political group, said Thursday night that conservative activists should withhold their political donations to Republicans until the party decides where it will stand on social issues.
Of course, Mr. Perkins would encourage the faithful to continue contributing to worthy candidates and trusted family value organizations, say, such as his own.

Their political power may be waning as society evolves without them, but the fundies are still an important part of the GOP's shrinking base. They're the ones who send money and do the ground work on turning out the church vote. They've been working for decades without much in return except comforting rhetoric, which hasn't translated into much policy success in establishing the Christian theocracy of their fevered dreams.

Not going to be easy for the Republicans to rebrand into the new, all inclusive, oh so tolerant of the others party when these folks are demanding they adhere to the crackpot conservative platform established at the GOP convention. Their hostage demands appear to be working, at least when it comes "teh ghey."

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