Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Harry Reid ready to bust out gun control bill

Our Senate Majority Leader tells us he is a patient man, but apparently he's lost his patience today. Harry Reid is forcing a cloture vote on the current Democratic gun reform bill. The kabuki is complicated on this move with the compromise bill still stuck in the back rooms and the above pictured GOPers being joined by Mitch McConnell threatening a filibuster, along a few red state Dems.

Not clear how serious they are about the filibuster. Josh says their resolve is failing. Surely, there are long term problems for the Republican party in blocking a vote on a bill that has the support of 90% of the voters at least on the background checks. Thing is with a misinformed public, blocking the vote won't hurt them with the rubes back home. It's not about screwing Obummer this time. The 2014 contenders have to choose between saving the party or their own sorry butts.

Mitch McConnell is one of the 2014ers and he's under fire from the left and the far right. He could demand party unity to block the bill but not sure he wants to risk it. He might lose. There's already several defectors including Grumpy Gramps McCain. If Harry actually follows through on this, could make for an interesting day tomorrow. [graphic via]

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