Monday, January 14, 2013

The centrist solution

It appears the mythical non-partisan problem solvers, a/k/a the Centrasauri, have arrived early this season. I see NoLabels is launching a mighty comeback and now we have Jon Huntsman and Joe Manchin teaming up to bring back civilized political discourse by recruiting a Gang of 24 on Capitol Hill. Their goals are lofty, and familiar:
While in past years members of Congress used to interact regularly with members of the opposite party, today members of Congress interact very little with people from the other party — or even members of their own party in the opposite body. Members’ daily lives are dominated by party caucus, policy and fundraising meetings that are focused on winning elections or destroying the opposing party. There isn’t much time left over to actually govern.
Of course! All we need is a genteel conversation, a bi-partisan consenus on granny starving and other matters of very serious import to the ruling class. Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?

[art by Howard Finster]
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