Friday, January 11, 2013

Is that a trillion dollar coin in your pocket...

I've read more about the platinum coin than any underpaid observer should endure. Here's what I think right now. The platinum coin is serious. It is real. The platinum coin has been virtually minted on the internets. The platinum coin exists in the public imagination just as surely as if it was a real weight in the hand. It would be folly for Obama to publicly endorse it as an option. He doesn't have to show it.

Boehner is useless. McConnell is hamstrung. Harry Reid should put a clean debt limit bill on the floor that raises the ceiling -- as necessary -- to honor the financial obligations of the US government as mandated by previous Congressional appropriations. In perpetuity. That's it. Make the issue so clear even the least informed voter can grasp it. No negotiations. No amendments. Up or down vote. Or else, please proceed with a filibuster GOP...

And when the Republicans hijack the media attention again with their counter offer that can't honestly be described as anything less than a threat of economic terrorism, all President Obama has to do is ignore them and virtually jingle that coin in his pocket. [graphic via]

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