Thursday, December 27, 2012

Come on baby and rescue me

Not sure why so many journalists still ignore the obvious fact the Tea Party is just ultra-conservative Republicans by another name, not some new phenomenon. But yes, whereas they were once a fringe group among a majority of moderates, the ultra-cons have taken over the power structure of the Republican party despite their small numbers. Which is why, despite the rumors, gossip and stenography about the fiscal "cliff," we're never going to get a decent offer from the GOP. And let me remind the powerbrokers of the Democratic party (who won't read this) that a bad deal is much worse than no deal.

People did not wait in line for eight hours to see a deal that doesn't deliver on the promises made to get their votes. The two most explicit promises were to protect the middle class and shift a fairer share of the tax burden back to the wealthy.

For the last 12 years, even the least informed have noticed the government bailouts of the wealth holders. Who are doing just fine now, thank you. So the millions of working people of America are figuring it's their turn for a rescue.

Which brings us to the soundtrack of this post; also on Album One on the soundtrack of my life. I saw this when it aired in real time. RIP Fontella Bass.

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