Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas spirits

With the all the mayhem going on, didn't really get into the Christmas spirit this year until just this afternoon when Mike Finnigan posted his rendition of a classic Christmas carol that he did for the TV show ER in the 90s. Which happened to be one of my favorite shows back then. I probably heard it live.

He's such a great musician. Feel lucky to be internet friends with him.

Meanwhile, if you're pining for a White Christmas and live somewhere where that's just not going to happen, then you can do what I do. Live vicariously through the twitpics.

These days I'm just as happy to see it with my eyes and not feel it with cold, wet feet. [photo by knck1es]

But I do love snow. It's so magical. I've never quite believed that no two snowflakes are really not alike, but every single one is a work of art.

[Andrew Osokins photo and more photos at the link.]

And if you still want more, National Geographic has a whole archive of historic macro snowflake photos.

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