Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deep sigh

Few see this as a problem.
Josh Marshall on the twitter: Whole Lotta Polls: 113 polls entered into @PollTracker database before 1pm today.
As the cool kids say these days, I just can't...

VP debate day so there's little news and lots of speculating. No surprise that the only pre-debate prediction worth reading is Charlie Pierce. Not going to spoil it with any excerpts at all, but this is my favorite line in the post:
Conservatism's mansion has many rooms, and almost all of them are padded.
POTUS is out campaigning. This is media pick for quote of the day:
Barack Obama on Romney just now :”After a year of running as severely conservative now he’s trying to convince you he was severely kidding.”
Admit I rather like it myself.

And this is the best explanation of the $716 billion Medicare cut lie I've seen yet. Worth a read if you're in the business of debunking right wing mythology. Also pretty good graphic found on Facebook.

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