Friday, July 01, 2011

Pompous Prick

Well I've been offline all day so I'm late to the party but everybody is talking about Mark Halperin's suspension from MSNBC for calling President Obama a dick. There's already a bunch of commentary which you've probably already seen, so all I'll say is I agree with the general consensus that Halperin is a pompous prick, he's always been a pompous prick and has been wrong about everything forever.

He didn't deserve to be fired for such a ridiculously banal insult. He's been saying the same thing couched in more polite terms for years. The real travesty is that he was ever hired as a "neutral political analyst" in the first place. He's never been neutral and he sucks as an analyst. Which makes him perfect for a spot at Fox. Wouldn't be surprised to learn he already has an offer to move over there and this Freudian slip was contrived as a way to get out of his contract with MSNBC.

The only other thing I'd add to the ongoing commentary is Halperin is just one of many incompetent bloviators who have done nothing but muddy the public discourse with Drudge inspired sludge. He's not the only one that should be banished from the air waves.

By the way, if you somehow missed this story today, in addition to Greg's piece linked at the top, worth reading Alex's take, and the roundup of Halperin's greatest misses at Balloon Juice and Dr. Black's Big Blue Hippie Haven.

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