Saturday, June 25, 2011

GOP drama queens

To no one's surprise the GOPers stalked out, with great drama, on the current negotiations to avoid a debt default as soon as it was their turn to cede some ground on raising revenue. Not shocking because this Lucy and the football dynamic is depressingly familiar. And naturally they'll keep using it for as long as it works.

They can't be shamed by editorials calling out their unserious, juvenile tactics. They just spin that to their gullible base as "wrongful" attacks by the "liberal media." Then they rinse and repeat their false talking points:
In a statement, Mr. McConnell said, “The president needs to decide between his goal of massive tax hikes and a bipartisan plan to address our deficit. But he can’t have both.”

“What Republicans want is simple: We want to cut spending now, we want to cap runaway spending in the future and we want to save our entitlements and our country from bankruptcy. We want to finally get our economy growing again. Sadly, the Democrats’ response has been a mystifying call for more stimulus spending and huge tax hikes on American job creators. That’s not serious, and it is my hope that the president will take those off the table on Monday so that we can have a serious discussion about our country’s economic future.”
Gah. These extortionists wouldn't recognize a serious discussion if it bit them on the ass. The only thing they're serious about is crashing the economy again and pinning the blame on the Democrats so they have a better chance at winning in 2012.

Sadly, so far the Democrats and the White House have let them get away with it. But on the brighter side, there are now small signs the Democrats are willing to push back and confront them on it, falling just short of calling it sabotage. And while I'm not in the camp that thinks Obama can fix everything from his bully pulpit, I have to believe it would be really helpful if our President would join in on this narrative. It's not like his fellow Dems are saying anthing that isn't absolutely true.

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