Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to Obscurity

Well, my Balloon Juice guest stint is done. It was a fun gig. A bit stressful since I was on the road for the most of the week and had almost no time to post and barely enough energy to form coherent sentences when I did have time. Still, it was very cool to be front paged at such a very important blog that I've read and loved for so many years. My only regret is I didn't have time to link to more of my friends with smaller blogs like this little place.

But it's good to be home and it being Sunday, I'm going to start with some easy links I've been accumulating for way too long.

This one is fresh. Great Doonesbury on creationism in the classroom.

Haven't actually looked at this one yet. Not sure I'll even be able to see it because my flash player needs updating and I don't have time to do it, but definitely want to archive Peter Jackson’s Second Hobbit Vlog. If Honey Bear Kelly retweeted it, figure it's got to be really good.

Haven't looked at this one yet either. Not sure if this link is rotted yet, they don't last long at DetNews, but a time-lapse of a mural being painted downtown does sound very cool.

This photo is really old but really worth the click. Dramatic lightning strike during a fast, furious NYC storm.

My favorite geek Mark Knoller provides the big squee. Photo of 3-week-old two-pound cheetah cub at the National Zoo.

Another unseen link I want to check out. AnnieLowrey posts Awesome postcards from France in 1910 about life in the year 2000. I love this kind of stuff.

My tweep Hudsonette has a keen eye for great photos to retweet. The heron looked angelic.

Jamison Foser found these very cool photos. They're stills but they have one element in the frame that's animated.

And finally, also really old, but I bet you missed it and I loved this story. Legoland staff plays a joke on their boss. They replaced his car with a full scale Volvo made of Legos.

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