Friday, June 24, 2011

RIP Old Dell

I knew it was coming, but hadn't expected to happen quite so suddenly. My old Dell died this morning. Wouldn't load no matter what I did to it. Obviously this will be putting a bit of a crimp in my blogging for a few days.

I'm at the library using their wifi with my old laptop, which is almost as old but hasn't been used much so shouldn't crash. Still, hoping these things don't come in twos.

I could use some advice. I can't use the laptop at home because I don't have a wifi connection set up and no open connections within range. I'm wondering if I should get a new desktop. Or maybe just a big screen laptop for at home and use the non-wifi modem that still works. Or maybe I should get a new wifi modem and try to figure out how to set that up and just use this little old laptop in the interim, until I can figure out what to do.

Can anybody tell me if it costs more to get a wifi connection from an ISP and how hard is it to set it up for a technodope like myself? That seems like the simplest and cheapest solution to me. At least for the moment.

Menwhile, I'm silently sobbing about losing the stuff on the old puter that I never backed up. It was way over loaded with junk I didn't need,and haven't looked at in years, but there were still a few photos I hadn't saved anywhere else. And there's probably some stuff in the old documents that I would have liked to have on disk. As the kids say, FML.


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