Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upset in upstate New York

Shocking. Turns out killing Medicare isn't popular, not even among the "git the gummit outta my life" crowd. Democrat Kathy Hochul easily wins the special election vacated by the disgraced Craig's List Congressman Chris Lee in a ridiculously Republican district.
The results set off elation among Democrats and soul-searching among Republicans, who questioned whether they should rethink their party’s commitment to the Medicare plan, which appears to have become a liability heading into the 2012 elections.
Gee whiz. Ya think? The numbers speak for themselves. Hochul pulls it out with a 6 point margin and the erstwhile Tea Party candidate Jack Davis didn't turn out to be enough of a spoiler to console the GOPers on the loss.

The Dems have a winning narrative here that could potentially flip their 2010 losses into a gain in 2012. DCCC chairman Steve Israel seems to get it:
“We served notice to the Republicans that we will fight them anywhere in America when it comes to defending and strengthening Medicare.
Meanwhile, it appears the GOP is going to explain away the loss to the rank and file by evoking voter fraud.
Jane L. Corwin this afternoon obtained a court order from State Supreme Court Justice Russell P. Buscaglia barring a certification of a winner in the special 26th Congressional District race pending a show-cause hearing before him later this week.
Wouldn't be surprised to see an attempt at a long term block of certification similar to the Norm Coleman/Al Franken debacle. But that ended well. So there's that...

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