Monday, May 23, 2011

When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro

I've been basically off the grid for a week now so I'm just catching up briefly. I see the GOP field for 2012 has narrowed down. Mitch Daniels is out and so is Huck and Trump. Of course Trump was never serious anyway. So we're down to TPaw who threw his hat in today, Mittens and maybe Huntsman who I predict will drop out well before the convention. And is Newt still sort of in? I lost track of him. Oh wait. I almost forgot Cain. Who appears to be this season's Sarah Palin. I see he made a major blunder on the Mid-East policy today.

So in essence, the GOP's got nothing. Don't believe Jeb would run and neither will Ryan after the disastrous reception to his Roadmap to Ruin. Their best chance for a dark horse is Christie. Who I predict would be the new Fred Thompson. All bluster and no work ethic to speak of. But if they play it coy they'll still get their face time on the bobblehead shows. Maybe they can parlay that into a Fox "News" gig...


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