Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obama owns this mission

Going to take days to shake out the speculative chaff from the grains of truth rattling around the competing narratives about bin Laden. It's been perversely amusing to watch the contortions among the usual suspects on the fringe right as they try to twist the facts to fit their personal mythology where Bush is the hero and torture always works. Doug J summarizes it best with his post title, Midway through the Obama recession, George W. Bush wins the war on terror. They're sure to convince each other.

In the real world, it's clear that Obama is not George W. Bush. Obama is not swaggering around pretending to be President while others make the decisions. Look at the close up of his face. Obama owns this mission.

With due credit to the 79 commandos and one dog that actually accomplished the deed, it was Obama's decision to send them in there and the choice obviously weighs heavy on him.

Whatever else can be said about the killing of bin Laden, and much more surely will be, it's undeniable his death is a major victory in bringing a symbolic closure to 9/11 and as a reminder that the United States still has capabilities that need to be respected in the world order. Like it or not, that's important to our national security. Despite my mixed emotions about the event and Obama's presidency in general, I'm enormously proud of him for keeping this campaign promise.

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