Sunday, May 01, 2011

Poor Little Rich Man

Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg held a town hall in his home state of Montana and tells his constituents he feels their pain:
"I’m a small businessman. My wife is a small businessman. She hasn’t taken a salary in ten years as a result of business. We’re struggling like everyone else. With the economy," Rehberg said.
Yep just a small businessman running a multi-million dollar ranch, who, "as of 2009 records, is the 14th richest member of the House of Representatives. estimates that his average net worth in 2009 was $31 million." And maybe he's just the 23rd richest guy in Congress. The calculations vary. And of course he doesn't mention that he gets a high six figure annual base salary at the expense of the taxpayers. Poor guy says he is just "land rich and cash poor."

I guess to be fair, even though he's getting that dependable hefty paycheck and is holding on to real assets that he could sell for millions or borrow against, when you're hanging out with multi-billionaires like the Koch Brothers, you just feel poor dammit. That's just like some poor, landless working schlub, scraping by from week to week on a couple of hundred bucks or less.

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