Saturday, August 29, 2009

Live for today

The shoulder is worse than ever today. Hoping this five year old percoset is going to help and doesn't kill me because the chemical composition changed with age. Anyway, just a few links to let you know I'm alive.

I watched Ted Kennedy's wake last night. I felt like slapping Orrin Hatch. He gave a pretty good speech but given that he had lied about Ted earlier relative to the reform bill, the only thing that would redeem him in my eyes right now is if he acted as Ted's surrogate and worked his butt off to honor Ted's life's work and get universal health care enacted.

The GOP really are gutless cowards and maybe we need an open hunting season on this idiot who joked about hunting Obama and then made another joke about it after he was called out and pretended to apologize.

Haven't had the stomach to watch this yet, but I may get to it. Glenn Beck: 12 min. of the craziest conspiracy theory rants you've ever seen on TV.

And idiots like Beck and Blimpbaugh are surely the reason that Krugman's hate mail is so weird. To paraphrase a tweet I just got, we live in a country where a couple of bloated, self absorbed drug addicts get paid millions to lie and endanger the lives of innocent children.

Small wonder has to do pieces like the 26 lies about healthcare that were in that stupid viral email you got from your right wing friend. And even at wingnut town halls like Bachmann's, anguished constituents howl they don't want "socialism" to take away their Social Security benefits.

Gah. It's too depressing to think about too much. As an antidote, let me leave you with this fun gallery. Iconic photos of the 20th Century rendered in Legos. And Uncle Blodge has some cheery pix too.

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Blogger nolocontendere said...

I don't watch TV, Libby, so I didn't know anything about Glenn Beck. But I've seen enough of him online to realize the guy truly needs help - he's certifiable. Perfect for Faux.
Limbecile is another story. I was an xmas tree contractor for decades and wore a radio headset while working and listened to the guy right when he went syndicated in 88 and through the Clinton years. I know Limbacile. He's probably the most despicable human in media today, bar none, and I can't bear to hear his voice anymore.

3:17:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm in the same place Nolo. Only see clips of Beck. Can't watch him and same for Limpbaugh. But they're both despicable cretins.

10:28:00 AM  

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