Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mad tea parties

I think it's a good thing when Americans exercise their constitutional right to peaceably assemble in protest, so I don't want to mock the Tea Party protestors. But it would be easier to appreciate their newly awakened activism if they showed any sign of understanding what they're mad about, instead of just showing up because they're crazy mad.

This is not lost on the less gullible in the ranks. From a Freeper thread, their problem in a nutshell as explained by "a professional media producer":
1. Incoherent message...
3. Speakers not prepared for the media - the organizer was asked to name some specific objectionable items in the stimulus. She couldn’t do it. I doubt many of us could.
There's more at the link (and yes this is the first and only time I'm likely to link to that toxic site), but number three nails why it's impossible to take them seriously. Invariably the interviewed "man in the crowd" ends up looking like a idiotic trained parrot whose only purpose is to mindlessly repeat after Limbaugh, or Beck, or Malkin or whatever self-serving opportunist they follow.

Meanwhile if you prefer the mockery, LGM and TBogg deliver the snark.

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