Sunday, March 23, 2008

Media Bytes - Yes, we have no bananas edition

By Libby

Song in my head. That's the orginal 1923 version on MP3. If you prefer a more contemporary take, The Muppets cover it as only they can. But the truth is, the post label is a lie. In the course of spending hours looking for the Jimmy Durante version of the song, I found a lot of bananas. My favorite find is this original Chiquita banana commericial.

I never found the Durante cover, which is my all time favorite harking back to the orginal movie Sabrina, but I did find this video where The Schnoz offers some timeless advice on how to beat a bad economy.

Meanwhile, in honor of the holiday, here's a gallery of WaPo's marshmallow peeps diorama contest. My personal favorites are No. 9 and No. 21.

And don't forget this is the last day to Blog against theocracy. They have a lot of posts up there already.

If you would rather play a useless game, this one is easy to play but I couldn't get past Bobbing Bobcat.

And this awareness test looked pretty easy but I failed it. Maybe you'll do better. It's short.

This however, is the easiest way to buy lingerie online that I've ever seen. Very clever.

Speaking of clever, my creative friend Henning put his entire collection of photos online at Flickr. I liked the hometown photos the best, but I suppose you have to know the people to enjoy them as much as I did. You'll probably like this other gallery better. My favs from here were this one and this one.

If you're looking for paintings instead, The Iraq Art gallery has some truly fine art and it's a worthy project to support. [via]

Want some background music while you're cruising the galleries? Check out Holly Harris' new internet blues radio show sent to me from my friend Irma.

And this is my favorite link this week. I love musicals and all my life I've been hoping that people would just bust out into song during an ordinary day. I wish I had seen this live. It would have been a dream come true.

Of course, I can't completely ignore politics so on the serious side, there's this very long list of lawlessness and the trailer for the documentary, Body of War.

On a lighter note, most of you probably don't remember School House Rock, but they did some great stuff in the early 70s. It's just a bill is a classic and I really liked conspiracy theory rock which I think is actually a derivative by MadTV.

Finally, Rove was just complaining that the neo-cons don't do enough creative YouTubes like the liberals do. He's certain they're just as talented but are too busy making money to take the time. He put out a call for conservative creativity and I guess this is the answer. The John McCain girls. I leave you to make your judgments on which side is more talented.

[Links if not otherwise apparent from Avedon and Radley.]

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Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Nice graphic Lester.

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we're gonna make america sucker free once and for all. run for cover neo shits!!

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