Thursday, January 31, 2008


by expatbrian

(And you’re reading it because your “dirty little secret” is that, even though you feel terribly guilty about it, you like sex)

ABC is being fined for indecency for an episode of NYPD Blue (one of the finest shows on network TV) in which the side and back of a nude woman was briefly shown.




The only thing that’s indecent is the fine and the reason for it.

God, are we ever going to get our heads out of the sand and our minds out of the gutter? Why are we so horrified when we see a naked body? What is so ”obscene” about it? And why are we so desperately afraid that our sons or daughters, who see their own and probably their siblings and parents naked, might see someone else?

Why do we allow this ridiculous religious myth to go on that the human body, in its natural state, is the work of the devil? Actually, not the entire body….just a few square inches of it.

To be fair lets pin this down. On a woman, there is about 4 square inches at the very tip of each breast that is obsene. You know, the part God created to feed and nurture his newest children. Yeah, cover those two, disgustingly dirty things up. Also on a woman, a line from the pubic bone to the tail bone….about an inch wide and maybe 12 inches long. This is truly the devils work. I don’t even have to tell you why this area is so dirty and evil. Afterall, it includes the area where the woman has….oh…I can’t even say it! Where she has S..E..X. BUT ONLY FOR BABIES…..NOT FOR ENJOYMENT!

Men are even more disgusting than women. The amount of dirty space on them is difficult to define because it….CHANGES SHAPE AND SIZE. God, how perversely evil is that? Talk about the devil’s workshop.

So lets continue to teach our children just how bad their bodies are. Lets make sure they understand how wrong it is to feel pleasure in their “private” areas. This will insure that they will realize how “different” they must be from everyone else for having these feelings and being curious about them. Afterall, not everyone could be as dirty and wrong as they are, right?

It's important that they understand how evil and bad these feelings are and how crucial it is to deny they exist and how God does not want them to do ANYTHING to acknowledge those feelings. BUT, once they sign a marriage certificate, those feelings are all GODLIKE and wonderful and they can feel free to enjoy them at will. At that point, they can easily just put aside all of the guilt that has been driven into their brains about it every day since their birth!
Sue me.
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Anonymous rockync said...

Welcome Brian, I'll be looking forward to your posts. This post highlights this country's continued obsession with proving all nudity is obscene. Way back in the 70s while in Europe I watched a TV comedy at my grandmother's house. It was very funny and included several scenes of brief nudity that fit into the story line. Big deal. Of course, all this obsession has done nothing to reduce the amount of kiddie porn and other destructive types of pornography. We seem to be going backward instead of forward.

9:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is our insistence that nudity and sexuality are obscene that causes the destructive sexual behavior. If we weren't so repressed about normal, healthy sexuality perhaps we wouldn't feel the need to turn to other methods to satisfy ourselves.
Most of these restrictions originated in the church of course but it is MEN who make the laws and MEN who perpetuate them. Isnt' it interesting that, in US movies its ok to show a naked woman, even an aroused naked woman, but it is still only in the X rated movies that you will see an aroused man. Perhaps because men (who decide such things) can't stand the thought of genital comparison.

9:22:00 PM  

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