Saturday, December 30, 2006

Justices not welcome at DC Court of Appeals

Seven former federal judges were told yesterday that their views were not welcome at the federal appeals court in Washington.

The sitting judges of the DC US Court of Appeals made an inane ruling in rejecting the former justices' amicus brief on the basis they submitted it using their former title of the Honorable so and so. How pathetic. It serves no practical purpose other than to insult their fomer peers since the judges are free to resubmit the brief without using their titles. Unless of course the court is planning to rush through to judgment and doesn't want the amicus on the public record.

The Appeals Court is deciding the fate of the Gitmo defendants. The former judges are urging the court to rule against the White House. Could it be any clearer that the sitting judges are White House lap dogs bringing politics into the process? This is the just the sort of petty little slap and deceitful circumvention of the system that is so typical of Bush.

One can only assume the obedient little sitting judges plan to subvert justice and soon rule for their master.
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