Thursday, December 28, 2006

Arrested reconciliation

Under the heading, WTF are these people thinking? Hot on the heels of arresting visiting Iranian officials at al-Hakim's home on alleged evidence of "meddling," our military follows up with an early morning raid at the home of a top deputy of al-Sadr and killing the old man on his rooftop for allegedly pointing a gun at the soldiers. And this after last week's elaborate ceremony, where "the U.S.-led coalition handed over control of Najaf to Iraqi forces." Right. Sort of like when we turned over sovereignty a couple of years ago.

The US military claims it was an Iraqi led raid with only 8 US soldiers there as "advisors." Yet it was a US soldier that killed the man and rumors are circulating within high government circles that he was deliberately murdered. The timing couldn't be worse for the increasingly imaginary reconciliation process.
The incident comes at a delicate time for the Iraqi political process. Sadr, who runs one of the country's most feared militias, is also a potent political force: His allies control 30 seats in parliament and four key ministries. Last month, influential politicians linked with Sadr suspended their participation in the government to protest a meeting between Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and President Bush in Jordan. Unable to pass legislation without Sadr's support, and fearing Iraq's government could collapse, other Shiite leaders have been appealing for an end to the boycott.
Well we can forget that happening I think. With thousands of very angry Sadr supporters marching in the streets hurling rocks and calling for death to the occupiers, it's unlikely Sadr will want to be seen as appeasing the US in even the vaguest of terms.

And why did we raid the house of a high ranking supporter of our arch nemesis al-Sadr? "[A US military spokesman] said U.S.-led coalition forces had been gathering intelligence on him for a long time. He said Amiri was implicated in a roadside bomb attack on a police chief in Najaf this year." So we just had to "detain" him this hot minute? Like the guy was about to flee the country?

Only one thing seems clear to me. Bush wants Sadr out of the government and since the military has done nothing but sabotage the reconcilation process in the last week, for all his coyness about announcing his plans, it appears he's decided already to be the Great Decider for the Iraqis too. And apparently he's decided war is better than peace.
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Blogger nolocontendere said...

Such inflammatory actions could be a sign that the US military is indeed itching to get it's war on with Sadr and his militia as dictated by Bush's benefactor - the house of Saud.
The real target is Iran. Like Israel going at it with Iran's proxy, the Hezballah in Lebanon, The US is going to go at it with the Shiia Mahdi militia.
Things are apt to get real bloody real soon.

3:38:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm afraid you're right Nolo. Some days the whole mess feel really scary.

8:48:00 AM  

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