Saturday, November 18, 2006

Neocons speak - it's not our fault

I'm sure you've heard that Chuckie Krauthammer found a new scapegoat for the failure of the occupation. It's the damn Iraqis fault for being such savages and breaking the lovely democracy we gave them like a bratty kid on Christmas morning who was disappointed in his new toys but the prize for most lame diatribe goes to a commenter at Don Surber's place who recycles this old saw. Here's the choice quote that Don elevates to prime place in his post:
HERE's the truth about Iraq. If this friggin' anti-war movement and ignorant politicians like Nancy Pelosi and the esteemed Jack Murtha, John Kerry, et al, would shut the #$!# up and support the mission, the insurgency and other enemy forces like Al-Qaeda would have submitted long ago. Democrats have consistently given the terrorists HOPE to hang in there, and this last election was the biggest shot in the arm the enemy could have received. They can smell victory and believe the hardest part is over. They are now, they believe, at the finish line and are quite galvinized. The rash of bombings, kidnappings and so on should be expected if you understand that our enemy is in a happy frenzy like a fan at a football game whose underdog team came from behind and is running toward the goal line.

There is no way a bunch of terrorists could ever defeat America if we were unified. The division is what is prolonging the engagment in Iraq. It's that simple. I hold Democrats personally responsible.
Simple or simple-minded is the question but seein as it's all our fault, here's the new plan to win the war. All of us commie, pinko, turrist appeasin lefties just have to call Baghdad and tell those turrists that we changed our mind. We love the war and we wanna stay in Iraq forever. Then those infidels will be so sceered, they're all gonna pack up their IEDs and go home.
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