Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Autism, Olbermann and Iraqis

Judging from my personal experience, autism is on the rise in America. I think the evidence is strong that it's related to the vaccine routinely administered to babies but we'll never know for sure if Congress doesn't fund the research to identify the source and find ways to remedy this condition. The lovely bartender Maeve has an autistic son and posts a link to a action alert. The bill is being held up in committee and our Congresscreatures need to hear from us to move it onto the floor. Please take 30 seconds to send the insta-letter to yours. This is an important issue to thousands of parents.

Meanwhile, I'm still under the weather but here's a link to Olbermann, who takes W to school on Vietnam.

And I'm going to blog this one at Detroit, so here's a link to an interesting poll. The large majority of Iraqis want us to commit to timetable to get the hell out of Baghdad. Josh has the links to the study.
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Anonymous lester said...

I read any essay by some guy named rory clark saying that basically as soon as the unit he was embedded with pulled out, the leaders made pragmatic alliances with people and they got their act together fast out of necessity. basically stand down so they stand up.

One obvious lesson from bush's triop to vietnam is the only libertarian stand by: free trade is a better way to wage war than with weapons. we fought the vietnamese for a decade. now we are trading with them and the standard of living is going up and soon the commies will probaly call it a day. we could have done this with saddam or castro

5:45:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Good point Lester.

7:57:00 AM  

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