Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A kinder and gentler revolt

I meant to post this the other day. I read these things and I think, cripes, it's less trouble to handle a three year old than this president. I mean we wouldn't want to hurt his tender feelings or anything, would we? Here's the money quote:
Those involved with the Baker commission hope that its recommendations, coming from friends and camouflaged as tactical tweaks, could offer President Bush a face-saving way out of the current bloody impasse. But they concede there is no guarantee of a decisive change.

There is no consensus on the way out of Iraq among the president's critics while resistance to change is entrenched and led by Vice-President Dick Cheney."I know what the president thinks. I know what I think. And we're not looking for an exit strategy. We're looking for victory," Mr Cheney told Time magazine.
Now if they could only define victory. I have a bad feeling that victory for Cheney means completely destroying our current form of government and installing a permanent one party system.
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Blogger Kathy said...

I'm not convinced the Baker commission is anything more but smoke and mirrors to help Republicans get elected. The war is pulling down the 'Pubs in the polls and they need to look like they're willing to change direction. If they were really serious, why are they waiting till after the election to release the findings?

It probably doesn't matter though, they can say whatever they want prior to the election and do whatever they please after the election. That's been their MO in the past.

4:50:00 PM  
Blogger Mike Bogle said...

That's almost as good as the "course correction" crap we're hearing so much about from the GOP these days. So much for not politicising the war. Kind of makes you wonder what the true purpose of "staying the course is": the victory in the War on Terror, or preservation of the GOP monopoly and Bush's ego.

Also, sorry for your absence on my blog roll - not sure what happened exactly but I've proudly re-added you :)

6:27:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

That's my take too Kathy. It's all posturing. Bush is never going to take their advice.

Mike - The GOP are really losing it. I have to believe every the slowest Bush believer is going to remember they've been saying stay the course for the last three years. And thanks for restoring my spot on your roll. I feel honored to be there. I was worried I offended you.

6:44:00 PM  
Blogger Mike Bogle said...

Hi Lib - No offense at all :) I love your blog. Sorry for the confusion!

Anyway CNN has a bit more on the "course correction" story that I thought I'd post here. Course correction? White House tosses Iraq mantra

7:33:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Good link. Thanks Mike.

10:25:00 AM  

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